World Tribe Mask
Petit Gallery
in Yamanashi


About 500 masks and statues of the tribes of Africa, Papua New Guinea, Tibet, South America, Timor, Japan, etc. are collected together and exhibited closely
・Face directly to the masks with naked eye instead of through the glass at the close distance from you 
・ Three-dimensional powerful exhibition of masks and statues with antique furniture under cultural different atmosphere
・ Exhibits also of cute dolls from around the world and Japanese folk crafts
(Please click below to see the movement of the contraption of China mask)




In addition, Timor Corner, Islamic Corner, Japanese Kokeshi Corner, World doll corners, Animal doll corners etc are available.
In each corner, explanation document of the masks and statues is available with some description of the climate of the region and the life of different ethnic tribe groups.
We welcome your kind visit to our small gallery in Yamanashi.